Meet Jake Freedle



Jake has always wanted to make an impact, but it took him a while to realize he could do it through real estate. After ignoring—well, maybe politely disregarding—his dad’s suggestion to join the family business, Jake witnessed firsthand the power that one dedicated member of a community could have in uplifting an entire neighborhood. He realized going into the family business could mean acting as a catalyst for good in people’s lives, guiding them towards financial freedom and a nurturing place to fulfill their dreams. 

Jake’s initial reluctance now seems like a distant memory. Since joining Freedle & Associates in 2013, he’s established himself as a heart-centered leader and builder of community. He’s always hungry for new resources that can help his clients understand the market as well as tactics that will help him do a better job of acting on their behalf.


Jake's perfect for you if:

You’re a family looking for a place to call home. Jake’s family means the world to him, and he loves supporting other families in finding a place to focus on what matters.


Having worked with several realtors between selling and buying homes in the past several years, I can say Jake stands out as an excellent realtor. He was phenomenal from start to finish. From professionalism and expert knowledge of the market and industry, to negotiation skills, and a mindful approach to the entire process, we had a great experience and cannot recommend him enough. Jake helped us get a great price on our home. We highly recommend him!

Lauren G

When my fiancé and I began our first house hunting process, we didn't know where to start. We reached out to Jake Freedle at the recommendation of a friend, and we're so thankful we did. From the beginning, he worked diligently to answer all of our questions and put our minds at ease. Jake is so enjoyable to work with, easy to reach, flexible in scheduling appointments, prompt, and always in the best of spirits. He was by our side for each step of the process and even after closing continues to be available. Jake truly went above and beyond in helping us find our dream home. We can't thank him enough.

Lauren M

Jake is an expert and makes everything easy. The biggest thing for me was the attentiveness and how quick he works. Buying my first home was easy with Jake. I highly recommend him.

Bryn R